About Us

Grill Cleaning Company are the most trusted BBQ cleaners in the Southern CA and San Diego. A fully operated grill cleaning company, and we love our work. We have served for around 500 grills and counting more.

Our best clients play from Padres and Chargers. We believe that a professional grill cleaning company will give you a healthy and best-tasting grill. To scrub the dirty grill, we use hot steams and not chemicals.

Are you ready to fire up your grill? Let’s get grilling with an outstanding experience clean grill. We have a team of experts who can visit your site and clean the grill or provide other related services to give you back a fresh new grill.


Our Mission

Grill Cleaning Company aims to provide people with a clean and healthy life through custom grill cleaning, repairing, and restoration services.

To promote a clean culture and give a clean-free experience to our customers for them to enjoy grilling with their friends and family.

Why Do you choose us?

  • On-site BBQ cleaning, repair, and restoration
  • A proven grill cleaning process
  • High-quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Professional team of cleaning experts
  • Thorough inspection before we begin
  • We clean the areas you may miss

Our Services

BBQ Grill Cleaning San Diego

BBQ Cleaning Service

Our BBQ cleaning gives a healthier grilling with disinfecting services and premium-grand cleaning products.

Grill Restoration San Diego

BBQ Grill Restoration

A process that brings the old back to life. At much reasonable price, restoration is better than buying a new grill of the same caliber.

BBQ Parts Replacement San Diego

BBQ Parts Replacement

Grill cleaning company is a pro in replacing the BBQ grill parts. We can replace your built-in grill with providing a sturdy hold and appealing look.

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