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If you have a classic BBQ grill that no longer serves its purpose, don’t put it to scrap or think of buying a new one. The BBQ Grill Cleaning Company at San Diego is always here at your rescue.

It is intended to prepare the grill for a refurbished model and get back to life. Restoring the grill includes replacing the parts with working as if it was a new grill. The restoration service is generally combined with a complete restoring of the grill. 

The burners, cooking grates, igniters, etc., can be replaced at BBQ Grill Cleaning Company at an affordable rate. Every restoration project that comes to us is individually handled by a professional who spends a few hours rebuilding.

The restoration service at BBQ Grill Cleaning Company will refurbish the existing parts to keep the cost much lower than buying a new grill.

  • Your old grill may need many services; it is better to replace the parts instead of throwing them away for a new branded grill. 
  • A grill needs deep cleaning and replacement of rusty parts for the next scrumptious spread of BBQ 
  • Restoration can save money and add years to the life of your refurbished grill
  • Restoration provides complete service cleaning with rebuilding the grill
  • Remodel your old grill with a new look by the restoration process
  • Cost-effective when compared to buying a new grill

5 Reasons to choose us

  1. The best BBQ cleaning service company in San Diego and Southern CA
  2. Highly trained and experienced professional cleaners at your service
  3. Knowledgeable professionals on removing grease and grimes effectively
  4. Full service of grill cleaning while the restoration is provided
  5. Quick service of restoration up to a maximum of four hours

    Customer Review

    My grill was years old, and it had been a long time ago that I had used it last. I thought of buying a new one, and that’s when one of my friends suggested restoring the old parts to a new one. To my search, I found BBQ Grill Cleaning Company that also does restoration.

    I was amazed at their service as my grill now looked like a new branded one like never before. I would highly recommend this company for grill services. 

    – Reginald Knight

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