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With 15 years of experience, we have served about 2500 grills and cleaned them well, leaving our customers awe-struck. We ensure to promote a safe cooking environment and remove all the dirt and harmful carcinogens.

Using eco-friendly solutions, we protect your investment for the long term.

Our cleaning process extends the life of your grill, and regular maintenance of it can prevent corrosion. We are also available on the weekends, so schedule an appointment today.

After the entire cleaning process is completed, we include checking the ignition battery’s integrity, adjusting the ignitor electrodes, lubing the control valves, replacing parts if needed, cleaning the tiny webs formed on the flash tubes, and inspecting rodent infestation. 

All the brands that we clean are measured edge to edge of their external width. We go to all lengths to protect you from harm and use only harmless solutions to clean the grills.


Your grill can accumulate bacteria if not regularly cleaned


A grill needs deep cleaning for the next delicious BBQ recipe


Grill cleaning can add years to your healthy life and the life of the grill


It reduces risks of grease fires


Cleaning and remove char that can be harmful to your life


Protect your investment and prevent future corrosion

My old and rusted grill looks like a brand new one. Grill Cleaning Company in San Diego is excellent in cleaning the grill. Very professional and great in maintaining cleanliness and removing all the dirt and stains that my grill had. I am delighted to have used their services. 

– Connor

5 Reasons to Choose Us

  1. A top-most BBQ cleaning service provider in San Diego and Southern CA. 
  2. Well-experienced and knowledgeable team of professional cleaners.
  3. All the professionals and technicians are trained and certified to ensure safety while cleaning and of the grill. 
  4. They give a thorough check of the grill and do not miss on anything. 
  5. Quick and flexible services that guarantee you the best grill transformation. 

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