How important is it to clean the BBQ grill?

Whether you are using the grill for commercial purposes or a house party, it is important to keep the grill clean as it helps remove traces of grease, burned carbon, and cleans the cooking surface that eliminates bacteria. For healthy life and environment, cleaning the grill often should be of utmost priority.

What is the cleaning process that you undertake?

We use a unique grill cleaning process that is safe and effective for everyone. We use eco-friendly, fume-free cleaners that do not contain amino acids that etch your grill. We use safe and protective cleaners that are safe for the customers and us. We can guarantee you a cleaner grill that looks like a new branded BBQ grill. 

Can you also repair or restore the BBQ if faulty?

Yes, we repair and restore the parts of the grill as per the need. Due to our thorough inspection, we ensure the check leakages and any other faulty parts that need repair or replacement.

These services may have an additional charge if you would like to proceed further. The technicians are well trained with a high degree of knowledge to provide you with the best advice on repairs. 

Can you replace the parts?

Yes, we carry all the necessary parts while we visit for BBQ cleaning. If the professionals who come for cleaning do not have any needed parts, we order them simultaneously and replace them.

We ensure to replace the parts that are of high quality and standards. You can also let us know while booking an appointment if there are parts that need replacement.

Our Services

BBQ Grill Cleaning San Diego

BBQ Cleaning Service

Our BBQ cleaning gives a healthier grilling with disinfecting services and premium-grand cleaning products.

Grill Restoration San Diego

BBQ Grill Restoration

A process that brings the old back to life. At much reasonable price, restoration is better than buying a new grill of the same caliber.

BBQ Parts Replacement San Diego

BBQ Parts Replacement

Grill cleaning company is a pro in replacing the BBQ grill parts. We can replace your built-in grill with providing a sturdy hold and appealing look.

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